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AALPHA CONFORMAL COATINGS is a young Partnership company specialized in manufacturing special chemical products used in Electronic and Electrical industries. These products have been developed by their own in-house R&D work without any foreign collaboration, meeting international standards. Aalpha Conformal Coatings was formed by two partners, U.Rajaram and Chetan Uchil. Rajaram, the senior partner, an entrepreneur having vast industrial manufacturing experience was earlier responsible in forming ‘RASAYANA’, a small scale company manufacturing various types of water based Graphite conductive coatings catering to the Electronic industry used in manufacturing both Back&White as well as Color Cathode Ray Tubes for television. Being an import substitute product, in recognition of the company’s effort in indigenization a ‘CERTIFICATE OF MERIT’ was awarded by Electronic Component Industries Association (ELCINA) in the year 1992.

With the knowledge of R&D work and industrial experience, Aalpha Conformal Coatings was formed in partnership with Chetan Uchil, a young engineer graduated in Electrical and Electronics field. By their in-house R&D effort various conformal coatings were developed for the Electronics and Electrical industry. These coatings, having high di-electric strength, prevent high voltage arcing and provide Electrical Insulation to the coated surfaces. They are used for protection of printed circuit boards, electronic components, control panels, solenoid coils, motors, transformers and other substrates against moisture, dust and other environmental influences.

The company is also producing special Graphite / Carbon based conductive coatings for EMI shielding, static discharge for the Electronic industry as well as graphite lubricants for tungsten wire drawing and mould releasing lubricant for precision forging industries.
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